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center aisle barns modular barnsYES!
We DO have Metal Buildings!
Choose colors, options and sizes!
Call Us if you are looking for a Metal Runin, Metal Sheds or Metal Garages.
metal sheds, garages, metal run in

Manage Your Hay With A Hay Feeder

Hay Feeders: Less ground damage, prevent waste, keep your hay dry and clean for your equine buddies!

Call for pricing, availability, delivery, styles and options. standard with Metal Guards, Metal Roof, "D" cleats at all four corners, and steel reinfoced posts. Upgrade to include Metal Fill Door Gate with a quality Latch.
Metal Grill Option Pictured

hay feeders

Local Delivery Only unless Added to a Barn Order

Dog Houses Built TOUGH!
When you order your barn, order your dog house! Call with your zip code for other local delivery options. Each dog house sports a Durra Temp siding or Pine Siding. Measure your dog! Don't buy a dog house that's too large for your dog. Always try to face your animal shelters opening to the south east - away from the direction of wind. Pre-installed flap on opening protects against the elements.

Small Dog House:
25" Long & 23" Wide X 27" High
DuraTemp: $120.00 Pine: $150.00
Medium Dog House:
33" Long & 25" High X 29" High
DurTemp $140.00 Pine $195.00
Large Dog House:
39" Long & 33" Wide X 34.5 High
DuraTemp: $160.00 Pine: $220.00
EX Large Dog House:
48" Long & 33" Wide X 42" High
DuraTemp: $230.00 Pine: $225.00

full loft barns center aisle barn


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